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In the year 1962 Werner S. Kempf foun­ded the company “Werner S. Kempf” in Septem­ber.

His insight to offer the right cutting mate­ri­als and cutting tools for the growing indus­tria­li­za­tion and the increa­singly important metal proces­sing proved to be correct. Equip­ped with a wealth of “know-how” in the field of cutting tools, his idea hit the core of the time, as the bar for precision and perfor­mance rose conti­nuously.

In 1992 Peter Hedrich took over the sole proprie­tor­ship “Werner S. Kempf” and foun­ded KEMPF GmbH. The focus was never on, uncon­di­tio­nal sales growth, but on intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons and highest manu­fac­tu­ring precision. Since only those who have this goal in mind can offer tools that are needed to solve problems. Today we are known as a reli­able part­ner for special tools and debur­ring solu­ti­ons.

Since its foun­da­tion, Kempf has made a name for itself in this field and is known and in demand world­wide as a “problem solver”. In the more than 50 years since the company was foun­ded, the product range has also conti­nued to deve­lop, so that today Kempf also offers PKD- & CBN-Tools, dril­ling- & milling-tools, turning- & groo­ving tools as well as roller burnis­hing tools in addi­tion to special and debur­ring tools. Kempf GmbH thus covers the entire range of metal cutting tools.

Kempf has built a large network on first-class suppliers and part­ners, since its foun­ding, so that the deve­lop­ment of special tool solu­ti­ons for the most diffi­cult tasks can be imple­men­ted quickly and cost-effi­ci­ently, The lean company struc­ture guaran­tees flexi­bi­lity and a high readi­ness to deli­ver.

Due to the world­wide opera­ting part­ners, the company can also fall back on stan­dard solu­ti­ons for indi­vi­dual tasks, so that long waiting times at the custo­mers are avoi­ded and thus also costs are redu­ced.


Sie haben Fragen? Kein Problem, kontak­tie­ren Sie uns einfach.

Peter Hedrich


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Custo­mer orien­ta­tion

You as a custo­mer have the highest prio­rity at Kempf. With strong tool solu­ti­ons, speed in machi­ning as well as highest precision in produc­tion and in the final result, you have the decisive compe­ti­tive advan­tage with us.

This starts with detailed, compre­hen­sive advice and tailor-made design, conti­nues with uner­ring product selec­tion and ends with the fastest possi­ble deli­very. If further support is needed after­wards, you will find the right contact person here.

Our service for you

Custo­mer service

  • Proces­sing support,
  • Tech­ni­cal consul­ting
  • On-site opera­tio­nal Support

Project super­vi­sion

  • Complete machi­ning solu­ti­ons,
  • Latest tool Tech­no­logy,
  • Docu­men­ta­tion

After Sales Service

  • Tool prepa­ra­tion,
  • Product support
  • Produc­tion opti­mi­za­tion

Social Commit­ment

Despite our econo­mic thin­king and actions, we do not forget that there is also a down­side to success. We there­fore see it as our duty to take care of those whose future is not in their own hands. We take this task very seriously and make our contri­bu­tion out of convic­tion and with great plea­sure.

Heart for Child­ren Germany e.V.

Through the help of huma­ni­ta­rian orga­ni­sa­ti­ons at least a part of people in need recei­ves a little support or the possi­bi­lity to enjoy a school educa­tion. Heart for Child­ren Germany e.V. has made it its mission to build and run a school for orphans in Osia (Uganda).

In addi­tion, Heart for Child­ren Germany e.V. arran­ges spon­sor­ships for child­ren in need. Spon­sor­ships as we have taken over for our godchild Mary Akoth from Osia.

Further infor­ma­tion about the work of Heart for Child­ren e.V. can be found


If you want to produce quality products reli­ably at a compe­ti­tive price in the long term, you can’t do without effi­ci­ent, high-quality tool tech­no­logy. There­fore the quality of our products is always in the fore­ground. The machi­ning precision we offer, the high relia­bi­lity and readi­ness to deli­ver as well as the high dura­bi­lity of our tools speak for us.

Howe­ver, our high quality stan­dards do not only apply to our products, but also to all Kempf services. The certi­fi­ca­tion of our company accord­ing to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is there­fore a matter of course.

DIN EN ISO 9001–2015 Certi­fi­cate